Kick Off

Throughout my career, I learned that finding your driving purpose is paramount to your success no matter what you do. I knew football would push me far beyond where I started. Putting me on some of the greatest stages in the world, cherishing moments forever.

But during that time I never showed the world who Gregory van der Wiel really was. I don’t talk much. I observe. Now it is time to change that and that is why I am very happy to welcome you to this platform.

My platform is here to inspire, motivate and/or entertain you. Why? Because I like causing that sparkle in your eyes, the same sparkle I have when seeing the items or content that are featured on this website. But most of all, I want to encourage people to be themselves. Social media gives us boundaries, I don’t like boundaries. Creativity should have no rules.

I also want to take this moment to give credit to all the beautiful artists that are responsible for creating the content featured on this platform. You all inspire and motivate me throughout life and I want others to feel the same.My platform will be updated weekly with art that I respect or stories that should be told. Stay tuned.

Forget what you heard. This is me.


All the best,

Gregory van der Wiel